Gift Certificates

When There’s No Way to Get the Chair There In Time

No time to have a college chair or rocker or lamp shipped out for the ceremonies? Need something in hand for the big presentation? No problem.

You have three options depending on your preference, your budget, and the amount of time you have before the big event.

(1) A large-format presentation package that makes a big impression. The package is a two-foot high, color photo of the item you order. (Only available for Standard chairs or rockers.) The photo is mounted on a stiff backboard and comes with an easel so it can easily stand beside a podium. The background of the photo is light in color so you can have department members and colleagues sign the poster before the ceremony. Price of the package: $15.00; sent via standard FedEx shipping. Rush delivery charges extra; please call us for details.

(2) A gift certificate that fits into a standard #10 envelope. Printed on “parchment-like” paper, these certificates promise that “an engraved” Standard chair, rocker, swivel desk chair or lamp “will arrive shortly as a gift” from your organization. You then fill in the information that applies. Size; approx. 3.66”x 8”. No charge for regular USPS mail delivery; otherwise, rush delivery charges are extra. Please call us for details.

If you are REALLY in a rush… and the presentation is today, we have a

(3) A “print-it-out-yourself-today” gift certificate. You’ll find below a pdf file or jpg file that you can download onto your computer and then print out. Cut out the appropriate gift certificate (Standard Chair, rocker, swivel desk chair or lamp) and then present it in an envelope of your choosing. We suggest that a handwritten note or printed letter with some sentiments appropriate to the occasion accompany the certificate.

Engraved Lamp
Boston Rocker
Swivel Desk Chair
*jpg files are suitable for desktop publishing software of your choice.

Important note about the gift certificates:

As you can imagine, these are not typical gift certificates as they can not be redeemed at a store. You must place an order separately. To do so, you’ll need six pieces of information. (See the How to Order section).

Still, the certificates do provide you with something tangible to present, which is always preferable — and more appreciated — than just a vague promise.