What people are saying about their personalized, heirloom College Chairs from Standard Chair of Gardner.

We treasure the feedback from our recent customers and thought we'd share their sentiments with you. As you'll read, whether the recognition chair is for a graduation gift for a recent grad or a retirement chair for a retiring professor, invariably these carefully-crafted recognition college chairs and rockers are sure to be a keepsake. In fact, they seem to be the perfect gift, as these heartfelt comments attest! If you'd like to send in your reactions to your College Chair, we'd love to hear from you, too!

“I can verify how thrilled he was with the recognition chair. I hovered a bit until I saw him heading back to his office so that I was there when he opened it. He was so happy and touched by the gift. A couple of coworkers came in to see what all the fuss was about and they loved it too...we then started giving him some decorating advice on where in his office it needs to go. It really is a beautiful chair and we found a place for it so that it faces out so that you can see the logo and inscription as you walk in his office.”Sue G., Jackson, WY

“He went crazy and in fact the whole office has been coming to his office to look at the recognition chair and wants one! He is going to circulate all the Standard Chair of Gardner information to all the attorneys so once again thank you and your team very much! I wouldn't be surprised if you see a little more business from them :)!”David L., San Diego, CA

“Kathy cried when we gave her the college recognition chair! They loved it! We had about 5 - 6,000 people, unbelievable and we had a free cookout after the ceremony. ”Rachel F., Bakersfield, CA

“As you promised, my recognition rocker has arrived and it is sitting happily in our den. I will use it every evening to watch Jeopardy! I also have a beautiful cushion for it. What most people don't know is that I have been waiting 40 years to have such a fine rocking chair.”Robert B., Bedford, NH

“The Club chair arrived last week and it is now sitting proudly in our living room. It is such an extraordinary beautiful piece of craftsmanship - local craftsmanship, no less. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much.”Josh B., Boone, IA

“My name is Nancy G. I am a bookkeeper at the elementary school. We purchase your beautiful rockers for our retirees. We have done this for many years. We had some unfortunate news about one of our staff members about 3 weeks ago. Her name is Lisa and she taught at the school for over 31 years. She was diagnosed with cancer (all through her body) and was given two months to live. Things turned for the worst last week. We were told on Thursday that she was in very grave position. We as staff immediately wanted to get her rocker for her. I called and spoke with one of your customer service representatives. I was very upset and crying and she was very compassionate. Needless to say, we received the chair on Wednesday. Lisa's husband took the rocker to the hospital room. Lisa passed away the following morning. I just wanted you to know what a wonderful employee you have. You should be proud to have such a valuable member of your team.”Nancy G., Helena, MT

“Excellent quality and customer service is what comes to mind when I look at my College Swivel Chair! My chair arrived this week and I can't thank your customer service representative enough for her help while I made this great investment/purchase. She kept me updated on her progress in acquiring permission from my alma mater to use their seal on my chair and it is awesome!”Kelly C., Stockton, CA

“As you know, we have selected you to supply us with our college chairs. This selection was based on quality and workmanship built into your chair along with the customer service you provide. In our plant tour, we were most impressed by the skills of the production craftsman along with their obvious pride and caring in crafting the chair. As a symbol of our appreciation we are enclosing a United States Air Force Academy flag. We look forward to a long and pleasant relationship!”Andrew C., Founder & Trustee, Cedar Falls, IA

“Gentlemen, My father, the Rev. Simmons, retired from the prep school several years ago, two of my children are graduates of the same private prep school, and I served that same school for 40 years as a sports official. We now sit in your handsome chairs. My own now serves me and visitors in the Manor Nursing Home. We love our used and appreciated Standard Chairs. ”Peter S., Bolton, MA

“Thank you once again for a beautiful college chair for our special occasion! It was a wonderful hit!”Steve B., Petersburg, VA

“The college chair arrived in excellent condition. My granddaughter loves it. We are celebrating her graduation this week and the chair will be on display. I tied a brown and gold ribbon and bow on the arm of the chair (school colors). It's quite a show piece. Your kind and extra attention on my order was very appreciated. I thank you!”Rhonda G., Amber, PA

“Our recognition chair just arrived (early) and I love it!! We will be presenting it on 4/2, actually, and I am excited for the recipient to see it. Thank you for your help with our order and for your team's good work.”Stephanie B., Albuquerque, NM

“The chair arrived today and, boy was he surprised and pleased. Thank you so much for the excellent service and beautiful recognition chair. I really appreciate the ease with which I was able to make my husband's birthday special.”Eve B., Emporia, KS

“I wanted to write to express my thanks for the excellent care you and your co-workers @ Standard Chair have provided in taking care of swivel desk chair order. It is most gratifying to receive the level of service you have provided and stood behind your product. Everyone I had contact with was most courteous and helpful.”Seth W., Cedar City

“This is not a very professional way to write a note, but I wanted to thank you for the professional way you responded to us. Thank you.”Peter R., Broomfiled, CO

“We appreciate your patience and fine quality of the chairs that were given to the graduating chief residents.”Judy T., Portales, NM

“Thank you so much for the fantastic club chair. It looks great in my living room! I will be ordering recognition chairs for our Club.”Peter H., Collegeville, MN

“The recognition chairs came, they are SO beautiful. I can't wait to surprise Dr. Arnold as he retires. Thank you so much for working with us to create such a perfect and lasting gift!”Bev T., Appleton, WI

“We received the lamp we ordered today and the logo and lettering are beautiful!!! Thanks so much for your help in getting it completed so well and in plenty of time! We really appreciate your customer service attitude and teamwork to make a high quality gift item.”Heather T., Ashland, OH

“The CAPT received his chair. Thanks for all the continued support. He is very satisfied with the final product.”Gary C., Danville, KY

“I was out on emergency leave, but wanted you to know the college recognition chair got to her perfectly and was actually early and everyone loved it and we are so pleased! Thank you for great service and a great product! ”Phoebe K., Mobile, AL

“Thanks you so much for working with me on my son's Law School college chair with the seal he wanted. We were in NY last week to present it to him and he is delighted. So were we!”Lynn V., Granite Falls, MN

“I just wanted you to know that Keith's college chair was a big hit. It arrived just in time for his graduation. The quality of the chair and the engraving was very nice. Thanks so much for everything.”Beth M., Zephyr Cove, NV

“This check is for Heritage Lamp I purchase recently. Thank you for the beautiful work you did on the engraving. It looks absolutely perfect.”Jeanette W., Crete, NE

“We are either of the same school or same piece of cloth and I'm so glad! It's nice to meet a kindred spirit! Thank you for your professionalism and kind assistance with the order of Heritage Lamps for our college graduates. Gardner is very lucky to have a person of your caliber and the service you provide your customers becomes friendship not just get the job done. I'm so glad we know one another and can enjoy the work experience together. Thank you so much for being you. Best wishes for a very special day - you made mine!”Karen F., Seattle, WA

“Just a quick THANK YOU!! The recognition chairs were received and they look absolutely great! My boss was very pleased with them too. We can't wait to present them to our Chairman of the Board at our annual meeting in mid-June. He will be extremely pleased I'm sure. Wanted to let you know the workmanship was great and I really like the way the engraving turned out. Thank you again.”Lucy R., Colorado Springs, CO

“The recognition chair turned out beautifully & I just know that our outgoing Chairman of the Board will be thrilled. Thank you for your efforts.”Silvia G., Macon, GA

“To the Craftsman at Standard Chair of Gardner: My sincere thank you for the beautiful recognition chairs that you created for my library in memory of our patron. What a wonderful gift you made for us to present to the library in memory of our loved one. His family presented one chair and the other was purchased with donations given in his memory by other family members and friends.”Eileen G., Madison, SD

“Thank you for always making these lovely college chairs.”Hanna B., West Boylston, MA

“The I just received one of your recognition chairs as a retirement gift. I want to compliment you on a quality product, very well packaged such that it had arrived in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with the chair and gratified to see it was made by a MA company. Keep up the good work.”Dan M., Garrison, ND

“The Captain's chairs designed for the Public Library and Historical Commission are absolutely wonderful. The quality of workmanship and their beauty make a worthy memorial to the person we wanted to honor. We are stunned by their good looks. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the special attention given to these recognition chairs. The design is absolutely spectacular.”Ray A., Ocala, FL

“I just received the beautiful college chair I ordered from your company. It is more than what I thought it would be. It is perfect!”Jo-Anne T., Warren, MA

“Our minister and the entire parish loved the recognition chair. The engraving of the church on the chair was exquisite and will continue to be our new church seal. I can not tell how pleased everyone was with this gift. The chair arrived early and in perfect condition. Your company is always professional and helpful. This is the third chair that I have ordered and I have never been disappointed. Many thanks to everyone along the way who helped.”Tammy U., Sweetwater, TX

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the Beautiful job you did on our college recognition chair. The detail of our design was perfect. In addition, I would like to thank your office staff for their helpfulness and patients while they helped completed my order. Again, Thank you for everything and have a wonderful Holiday season.”Ethan B., Billings, MT

“In this day when people are so quick to criticize yet slow to praise, I write to tell you how pleased I have been since we've started doing business together. Standard Chair's ability to generate a beautiful product literally overnight has done great things for me, and I want to reiterate how happy I am with how things are going. I also want to praise and say 'thanks' to your team, all of who have helped me in one way or another. Every time I call, they are cheerful, courteous with the answer to my question(s) immediately at their fingertips. So here's to many more good years together, I look forward to that! Cheers, and thanks again.”Mark C., President, Bloomington, IN

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how excited, overwhelmed and thrilled we are with your product...and how pleased we are with the way we were handled. In this day and age...it is truly comforting to know that there are still merchants out there who really 'care' about the quality of their work and their service too. Good for you! Again we thank you for all the delicate handling of our recognition rocker order from the beginning (with calls, faxes, proofs and rechecks) all the way down the delivery. It's a pleasure dealing with you!”Jill S., Curtis, NE

“You guys are a class act. Thank you for another year of craftsmanship on our college chair order.”Paul G., Athens, AL

“The college chairs for our graduates arrived in perfect condition. We thank you for such stellar service. I'm sure we'll be in touch again next year.”Julie P., Meriden, CT

“Our Court Administrator was delighted with her new recognition chair, which was presented to her at a going-away dinner on July 8. I'm sure she will enjoy the chair in her new home and it will bring back many fond memories of her tenure as the State Court Administrator. Thank you for an excellent product and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”Debbie I., Urbana, OH

“This past Tuesday, I received one of your Classic Standard Recognition Captain's Chairs. It is engraved with the seal of the United States Navy and is intended as a memento of service as a Naval Officer from 1972-1992. To say that I am pleased with it would be the height of understatement. It is a magnificent example of American craftsmanship and you and your workers can be justifiably proud of your product. It must be very satisfying to all of you to know that what you do in such a professional manner brings so much happiness and enjoyment to others. Thank you for the quality of your work and the real artistry that it exemplifies. Best wishes to all of you.”Will N., Bellevue, WA

“It is not very often that I feel compelled to sit down and write a letter such as this, however, in this particular situation it is well warranted. To say your staff is professional and courteous and thorough is an understatement. It is so nice and refreshing to work with such a great group of people. I have occupied this position for almost six years, worked previously for a Fortune 500 company for three years prior to that and I can count on one hand the amount of companies that exude the same amount of professional as your crew. Right down to the last detail, everyone makes sure everything is done to perfection (at least through my eyes) and no stone is left unturned. From the beginning of the process to the end, I feel completely confident that our Alumni will be 100% satisfied with their college chair(s) and it makes us look our best. I applaud your fortitude and the level of excellence with regard to Customer Service and Customer Relations. Thank you to everyone for such great work. We look forward to informing our many valued and distinguished Alumni where they will be receiving their chair from for years to come. Many thanks go out to all of you on the phones and behind the scenes. You all do great work.”Robert F., Milford, DE

“I just wanted to drop a note to your staff and thank you for your assistance and exception customer service. The process to order the chairs, with detail was effortless and all of the recipients have received their chairs. I have heard nothing but good things about them. I look forward to working with you again.”Bobby D., Dickinson, ND

“I just wanted you to know I received the college chair in plenty of time for a graduation gift and as you predicted it is beautiful. Thanks very much to both of you for your time and attention and personal assistance in expediting; I hope I wasn't too annoying and a great job well done.”Dan M., Atlanta, GA

“I wanted to write and thank you for the careful service you provided me while inquiring for college chairs for my home and eventually for my children and their spouses. The chairs, each from different graduate schools, now surround our table in the keeping room and remind me of how proud I am of their accomplishments. I truly appreciate your willingness to combine separate orders and send them with one delivery date! My history with these University Chairs go back to my Dad's. His medical school college chair is his waiting room. They are comfortable. We now have chairs from many different Universities and Colleges!”Debbie C., Bennington, VT

“You cannot imagine my utter delight when my Center presented me with my very own Standard Chair from your wonderful organization. My recognition rocker came just in time for me to rock Emma who will finally be with all of us for Christmas. We have tried unsuccessfully to plan our back and forth trips from Vermont to Boston so that we could drop by and thank you in person for taking such a personal approach to the 3 family members who are now proud owners of your lovely chairs. ”Cheryl R., Denver, CO

“Just a brief email to thank you and your team for preparing and shipping the Boston Rocker on behalf of the Dr. Peterson. The recognition rocker actually arrived a few days ago, while I was out. Each year it is always a pleasure working with your company and we are grateful. Again, thank you for your time and help.”Yvonne A., Las Vegas, NV

“I just wanted to let you know that the recognition chair I ordered from you came out just right! It is a beautiful piece of work and I appreciate the turnaround that you were able to provide. I look forward to ordering another one in two years, when our next Chair of the Board finishes his term. Thanks!.”David C., Albany, NY

“I would like to extend my thanks for letting me purchase the college chair as a Christmas gift for my husband. He graduated in 1966 with an Associate's Degree from a school in Boston, continuing his education for his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at another school. His university days in Boston, however, remains his fondest memory. The look on his face when he opened the box will now be my fondest memory.”Rhonda Q., Bar Harbor, ME

“When we presented the recognition chair to our President, his words to us were, "I am overwhelmed, this is beautiful." We are all very pleased with the finished product and I have passed your number and brochure on to several employees who showed interest for their own reasons. I just wanted to write and let you know that I appreciated your personal responses, prompt service and very pleasant attitudes of your employees. And again, the chair was a big hit!”Kristin M., Norman, OK

“The Boston Rocker was a big hit when we presented it to our 40 year employee. The quality of the workmanship, including engraving was just superb. Thanks for delivering the rocker on time. We will likely order more recognition rockers when other employees achieve the same milestone. ”Allen Y., Gallup, NM

“Our school district placed an order with you last spring for three recognition chairs and I wanted to share with you how pleased we are with your company. From our first contact asking for information, to placing the order, to having the order verified, to receiving the order, your company was one of the most professional and service orientated that I have ever worked with. I can't tell you how ecstatic the recipients of your chairs where. They each remarked that this was the best gift ever. One person even cried. As they retired, they felt that they not only had a beautifully crafted piece of furniture, but a gift they will always treasure. My only regret is that I have waited so long in letting you know how delighted we are with the chairs. The craftsmanship was appreciated by so many people who attended the retirement parties. Many who attended where professionals with an eye for fine product. I was asked numerous times where did I get the chairs and how can they contact the company. In closing, I just want to say that when the occasion arises again, we won't hesitate to contact your company. ”Mary B., Portland, OR

“Oh my god!! The recognition chairs just got delivered, there are beautiful! Thank you very much and all made in the USA!!! Please pass on my thanks to all who were involved.”Robert S., Fairfield, MT

“The college recognition chairs were beautiful - the quality impressive. We would like to thank you for expediting the order. We have an award dinner this Saturday night and will be presenting the chairs. They will love them!”Maura R., Ann Arbor, MI

“Good Morning and happy Monday! I wanted to let you know the recognition chair arrived on schedule and it looks absolutely AWESOME! Attached is a picture of the excellent work done with the laser engraving. We will be presenting it at the end of the week - no doubt the Admiral will love it!”Marsha H., Annapolis, MD

“Please share with the rest of the many folks at Standard Chair who helped on this order of college chairs that our difficult customer is now satisfied. I appreciate your help in making it so. Whew!.”Cheryl D., Boston, MA

“Allow me to express my appreciation and pleasure with the exquisitely crafted Heritage Lamp which I recently received as a retirement gift from the University. The lamp is a truly elegant piece of workmanship in design and construction, the perfect marriage of art and utility. I am also proud to have it as I know that you have been involved in its creation. I can anticipate that my children and grandchildren will enjoy the lamp for years to come. What a consolation it is to know that there are still people as you, who create furnishings meant to last for generations. And how proud it makes me feel to know such a company is located in Massachusetts. Please communicate my appreciation to everyone affiliated with your fine company.”George D., Hershey, PA

“Thank you for the beautiful chair. My husband was totally surprised and totally blown away. He is a very hard guy to surprise and hard to buy for. He is very proud of the recognition chair and took it to City Hall. Everyone that comes in admires it. They may order more for retirement gifts. ”Grace B., Mobile, AL

“On behalf of our Public Schools, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your firm for your help in our recent purchase of a rocking chair for our preschool. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. I am always happy to recommend Standard Chair. I know that your quality product will serve us for years to come. ”John B., Director, Blountville, TN

“I just wanted to write and let you and your co-workers there at Standard Chair of Gardner know that the recognition chairs we ordered for our retiring friends (and co-workers) were absolutely wonderful! The chairs are beautiful to start with and with the added engraving of our logo in the wood on the front and engraved brass plaque that we had placed on the back of the chair made the overall finished chair a beautiful gift that will be cherished for a lifetime!”Dorothy M., Las Vegas, NV

“We received our recognitions rockers about ten days ago and we could not be more pleased. Please pass on to all: the design team, the chair builders, and the office staff, our sincere thanks for a product and a job well done!”Paulette S., Pocatello, IN

“The Chairman has reviewed the graphic proofs and we both give it TWO THUMBS UP! Please proceed with the college recognition chair order. On behalf of the department I want to thank you so much for your patience, assistance, and expedient replies throughout this initial order process. You have truly made it a pleasure.....absolutely painless!.”Debbie G., Chicago, IL

“Dear Standard Chair of Gardner, Thank you for your excellent service. The rockers look great. Our departing principals will be thrilled. Your company will definitely have my business. Thank you for the prompt delivery. ”Lisa W., Baldwin, WI

“On behalf of the "Retirement Committee", we appreciate your help in getting the recognition chair completed on time. The logo came out perfect and was a big hit at the party.”Shawn B., Fargo, ND

“I want to take a few minutes to compliment one of your employees. I'm sure you hear feedback about poor employees, but this is to compliment one instead; one who knows how to interact with customers. I spoke with this particular customer service representative when I dialed your 800 number. I do not have her last name but she spoke clearly, distinctly and gently. She was ever so helpful in my placing an order when a different source - outside your company - was totally non-responsive. She walked me through my order (of a Heritage Lamp), took all the information, confirmed it, and just made ordering this special item a cakewalk. American companies need more just like her working for them. Whatever you are paying her is not enough!”Henry S., Baldwin City, KS

“This is just a happy note to tell you how thrilled our boss is with his recognition chair. His face lit up like a sunbeam, and he obviously enjoys the admiration everyone has expressed for the fine quality and style. Thank you for helping with this order.”Janine P., Worcester, MA

“We wanted to write this morning to give our hugest thanks for delivering such a beautiful chair to us. The craftsmanship was just gorgeous, and our donor loved it. Thank you for sending it to us so quickly. Many thanks for the best of holidays, and hopefully we can work together in the future. We'll definitely be recommending you!”Brian A., Elfrida, AZ

“I received the college recognition chair a couple of weeks ago. Awesome chair. I have never been excited about furniture. What a great chair!”Stewart G., Albany, NY

“It takes a village and boy am I glad you are in our village! Our very best wishes for a stellar summer! 11 months to go until next season - how do you manage a nation?! Smiles across the miles ! ”Nancy U., Boston, MA

“They received their regular college chair today and are JUST AS PLEASED AS THEY WERE ABOUT THE ROCKERS !! Super fast turn too! Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next order!”Donna G., Brentwood, TN

“I just wanted you to know that we received the Heritage Lamp today. Please inform whomever needs to know, that we are VERY pleased with the products and the timelines of its delivery. The lamp is beautiful and we appreciate your attention to detail. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.”Gail T., Bremerton, WA

“I just received my University college chair. I can't tell you how much this means to me, except to say that I am truly grateful. I dreamed of the day when I could purchase that chair for as long as I could remember. And since both my husband and I are graduates of the University of Virginia, it really does hold a special place in our home and hearts. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness to us. You really saved the day!”Madeleine T., Amarillo, TX

“It was a pleasure doing business with you this past month in coordinating the "Recognition Chair" for our past president of the Association. When I saw it I loved it.....so did the rest of the Board who were equally impressed. Most importantly though, our guest of honor loved it and will display proudly in either his home or office (he isn't sure yet). Again, thanks for your help and please pass this letter on to those who played a part in getting this special gift to a very special man.”Katie J., Cedar City, UT

“I am writing to thank you for the compassion you showed recently a College chair we ordered. The chair was for a retiree, who had selected a rocker as his retirement gift. The retiree, John, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, had undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but the cancer had invaded multiple organs. He had been told he had less than three months to live. We were concerned that he might not live long enough to see his chair, and so our purchasing rep asked about express shipping in this case. I understand that when you learned of the medical situation at hand, you were kind enough to waive the additional express shipping fee. I can't begin to describe for you how pleased John was to receive the chair so quickly. He was in hospice care, and the rocker was not only physically comforting to him, but also emotionally satisfying as a remembrance of his time worked at the College. John died this past weekend, and on his behalf I just wanted to pass along a heartfelt "Thank you!" to you. Your compassion made it possible for him to have a better quality of life in his last weeks than would have otherwise been the case. I realize that it's not often that a supplier deals with human needs of a routine purchase order. I can assure you that your response to this unique situation will not soon be forgotten.”Anne M., VP Human Resources, Alexandria, VA

“Many thanks for the help with the chair, it looks GREAT! We will be presenting it tomorrow, it arrived in fine shape with time to spare. Your turn-around time was terrific. Kudos to all involved!!”John B., Blaine, MN

“The chairs are beautiful! Thank you!”Kathleen G., Winnemucca, NV

“I received the chair and I would like to thank you for your prompt service. I love the chair and it is so beautifully made. It is a great product to give it as a gift. Thanks again, ”Martha L., Laramie, WY

“Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of the handsome college chair and in time for the party. Sharon was surprised and delighted. Everyone there thought it was the perfect retirement gift.”Natalie C., San Antonio, TX

“Many thanks for the courtesies that you have shown to me during the several conversations we have had on the phone. It is heartwarming to know that all is not lost, and that there are Companies that treat potential customers "like people." Thank you for these courtesies of almost forgotten business practices.”Laura K., Miami, FL

“Just a note of thanks for the order that was placed in April for our school. The customized college chair arrived today, and it is gorgeous! And every point of contact with your business (phone calls, emails) has been top notch. It is so nice working with professionals that can truly deliver on product and superior hospitality/customer service. I will absolutely, without a doubt, recommend you company for future gifts.”Sarah T., Canton, MO

“Received ... absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much turning these around and getting them here so quickly. The Owner and Founder of this company are both so giving to their employees and being able to give something back to them that they'll have forever will mean a lot to them. THANK YOU! ”Tina D., Salem, OH

“The recognition chair we ordered arrived yesterday and it looks fabulous. We know the recipient will enjoy it for years to come. Please extend our thank you to the "elves in the workshop" who made it so quickly and insured its arrival not only by our deadline but 6 days earlier!! We really appreciate the excellent customer service.....feel free to forward this along to the "boss".”Carol B., Bartlesville, OK

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with our order. The college recognition chair arrived on Monday in plenty of time to be presented on Tuesday, and it looked absolutely beautiful. The recipient was overwhelmed by the gesture and I know she will cherish it for a long time to come. So again, thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with both of you.”Patty B., Eugene, OR

“I wanted you to know that Ethan's College Recognition chair arrived in Chicago last Thursday afternoon. He is delighted! And I am too. As you may remember, since 1980 this is the 5th chair our family has purchased for our three children and two grandchildren. Standard Chairs are wonderful keepsakes to treasure and enjoy. You have been most kind and helpful. Again, many thanks.”Ellen M., Madison, SD

“WOW!! We received the chair and everyone is impressed. I turned out absolutely fantastic and I know Scott will be so thrilled when he sees his logo on this beautiful chair!! You all continue to impress me every time I have ordered a chair. The quality and workmanship always exceed expectations, and you just can't beat the price! Keep of the great work!! Thanks again, and tell everyone there how happy we are with the purchase of this great keepsake!!”Darlene G., Alma, GA

“Well, she did it again! Yet another letter to advise you of the absolutely superb customer service your representative provided me this week. Some mis-guided Navy ship came to me wanting a chair made and delivered to Norfolk, VA "by noon yesterday". I took the problem to the representative and she (like always) went the extra ten miles to ensure the ship got their chair on time. All in the middle of a computer melt-down there at headquarters! This customer service representative is special but I have a sneaking suspicion that you already know that. Thanks again...its truly a pleasure doing business with Standard Chair! Happy New Year!”Mark G., Corvallis, OR

“I just received the recognition rocker we ordered for our pastor's retirement in July and it is beautiful. We asked you to duplicate an ink sketch of our church building and it came out perfectly. From the first phone call to your company, your staff has provided advice, help and friendly conversation that made it an easy choice for a long lasting, personal gift that I know he will cherish. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and timely production. I know I will recommend your company to others...and I'm thinking hard on who I can order another one for! Thank you, again!”Natalie G., Eunice, LA

“God Bless American made products! We wanted to express our gratitude to you for giving us a personal tour of your chair factory. I have never seen anything like it and I know my boys (Deven & Ryan) have not for sure! Thank you for intriguing Ryan's mind, you kept his attention and not one time did he become bored.”Debra C., Beaufort, SC

“I had to let you know that Karen was extremely delighted with the recognition chair which she received at her retirement party. Kathy will receive her chair next Monday and I anticipate her reaction will be similar to Karen's. Personally, I think these chairs are WOW - KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF gifts! I have several years 'til retirement, but hopefully it will be a rocker from Standard Chair. ”Emma J., Arkadelphia, AR

“Standard Chair of Gardner has a time-honored tradition of manufacturing high-quality wooden chairs emblazoned with university crests. Your recent gift reminds me, as President of the oldest health sciences university in Texas and one of the oldest west of Mississippi, of the importance of tradition.”John V., President, Austin, TX

“By the way, I saw one of your chairs on the CBS program "Sunday Morning" this past Sunday. They were interviewing a scientist at one of the universities with regards to possibly finding a cure for cancer by using the "fruit fly". Anyway, you could see the "Standard" wood chair in the background. It was neat to notice such a beautiful piece of furniture and even know the name of the manufacturer. Awesome!”Sandra B., Waltham, MA

“Thank you for all your help with the college chair and image. The chair we got for my mother who always wished she could have afforded her school chair back in the day. Well, she cried when she saw it. Her reaction was priceless!”Stephanie G., Boston, MA

“I appreciate your efforts in expediting the delivery of the recognition chair for Dr. Roberts. I expected that he would fail quickly and that has unfortunately proven to be the case. I delivered the chair to him at his home last week (he no longer can come into the university) and he cried when he saw it. He was looking forward to his retirement and receiving his chair at the time. The recognition chair represented a career of hard work and achievement to him. He said of it, "Now my grandchildren will have a special reminder of me after I am gone." Thank you and the staff of Standard Chair of Gardner for making Dr. Roberts happy and for giving us some small way to show our feelings for him. ”Richard M., Baton Rouge, LA

“Kelley's chair just came in...it is beautiful!! I am crying...thank you so much. I know she will love it and treasure it always. Please let your company, the workman, and the owner know how much I appreciate their craftsmanship and what a wonderful legacy to pass on...from her to her children. It is truly a family heirloom in the making.”Anne L., Clark, SD